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When the temperature starts to rise, a visit to the spectacular caves at Frasassi is a refreshing and beautiful alternative to crowded beaches; the temperature is a constant 14 degrees C. of cool bliss.

They are an amazing natural wonder which were only discovered in 1975.  (I find that particularly striking because we were still learning about our own planet when we’d already sent men to the moon.)

It’s not that these are some small insignificant caves.  Not a bit of it.  They stretch over 30km and the cathedral of Milan can fit comfortably into the largest chamber.

The entrance price is rather high: 15 euros for adults!  In their defense, all visits are guided and the tours last over an hour.  They also give reductions for pensioners, students and children.  (Free entry for peeps under 6.)

If you can make it, take a cardigan and wear some comfy shoes.  If you can’t, you could take this ‘virtual tour’.


The surrounding cliffs indicate that something geologically unusual is going on:


This is even reflected in the local houses.


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