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The Italians are famous the world over for their ice cream.  I can’t say I’m a fan.  Until now.  

Some friends introduced me to a family run gelateria near the train station of Jesi where they make their own ice cream. 

I must have passed this place a hundred times, but have never been tempted to enter. 

What a mistake.

We walked through the fairly conventional shop area to find a couple of small rooms filled to the brim with all sorts of interesting items hanging from the walls and ceiling which (for the main part) reflected the strong farming history of this area. 


It was a warm and balmy evening, so we sat outside in the small walled garden. 

I was thinking that I’d just have a cup of coffee, but I got caught up in the moment and the atmosphere and decided to have a hazlenut ice cream. 

I was pursuaded to try the chocolate.  So, hazlenut and chocolate it was. 


The hazlenut was lovely, but the chocolate…  

I don’t know where to begin.  It was a world apart from any other ice cream I’ve ever tasted. Never, ever have I experienced such an intense, rich and velvety ice cream before.    

It was rich but not sickly.  Dense yet light.  It was an ice cream that was also the best chocolate mousse and the best chocolate cake that you’ve ever eaten.  (I said I didn’t know where to begin and now I’m finding it difficult to stop.)  It was sublime.

So, I’m converted!  I’m a little bit worried, though, that after this the others might be a big huge disappointment.

This modest little faded card put up in the window of the garden states that Bar Trieste was awarded 5th prize in the whole of Italy for artisan/handmade ice cream by Gambero Rosso.

I don’t know who the first 4 prizes were awarded to, but they must be amazing.

Where are the photos of the ice cream?  Come on!  It’s only ice cream.  Look at the size of this pig!


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