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This is Grey.  He was our first dog here at Casalba and he was only with us for a very short, but beautiful eight months.

He chose us from the rescue home we visited.  I know everyone says that, but it’s true.  It was the way he looked at us as we visited the kennels. All three of us knew immediately: he knew, I knew and Dan knew.

I thought he was a cross between a Setter and a Spaniel, but later learnt that he was a pedigree English Setter.  This breed is smaller than the Gordon or Irish Setters and is widely used in Le Marche for hunting. 

Grey eventually died from the injuries his previous owner had inflicted on him.  We still miss him because he was so very special.

Why was he special?  Well, firstly, he was very sensitive.  There was no need to raise your voice when he did something wrong.  A simple ‘no’ in a disapproving voice stopped him from whatever it was he was doing and he never did it again. 

Secondly, he didn’t bark unless it was absolutely necessary. Indeed, he didn’t bark at all for the first three weeks and we thought he couldn’t.  The first time he did, Dan turned to me and said, “He’s got a nice voice, hasn’t he?” 

Then there was the fact that, even though he was bigger than a Spaniel, he’d climb onto my lap when I settled down for the evening film.

I could carry on (and on), but I’m welling up…  So, can we just leave it at that?


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